Essential Eastern Trout Fly Box


The Eastern United States offers incredible trout fly-fishing from small spring creeks to epic freestone rivers. The Essential Eastern Fly Box gives an incredibly effective lineup of the best flies you need to land trout.


Featuring 15 fly patterns, many in multiple sizes, you get 72 dry, wet, and nymph flies that are some of the most effective patterns across many waterways in the Eastern United States. Each double sided box features a laminated card with the fly pattern and size.This helps learn common patterns, and restock at your local fly shop.


Patterns featured imitate common Caddis, and Mayfly species.


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Our Essential Fly Boxes feature:

  • Double sided foam fly box
  • Flies placed in the box and organized by fly type & size
  • Curated patterns to match specific insect orders (Stonefly, Mayfly, & Caddisfly), and now based on region
  • Dry, wet, and nymph patterns
  • 3 flies of each size
  • Multiple sizes of patterns
  • Laminated pattern guide to learn the names of patterns, and help you restock at your local fly shop